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I have been traveling and riding my bike for quite a few years now and this year was no different in many ways: cool spots, cool people, fun riding, and unforgettable experiences.

As of late, a little bit of “newness” is making all that amazing old stuff even better. I am proud to say that I will be rocking an almost entirely American Made bike courtesy of the usual Madera BMX and now also courtesy of FBM! I am very thankful and stoked to help represent a brand that represents so many of the things BMX is all about: Friends, Fun, Travel, and Community.

To say hello to FBM and thank you to both FBM and Madera, here is an edit that I hope is a clear indication of what we all should remember about BMX. Have fun. Ride Bikes.

- Mike Hinkens

Busy Summer Schedule

This year’s summer in the UK has seen a lot of familiar face from

the BMX world come and go. It’s been an exciting time to be a rider over here and you may have even been lucky enough to catch sight some of the big names whilst they have been over. We have already had Nass festival, which always attracts some big gun competitions in an unfortunately dwindling UK comp scene.

Ride to Glory this year was one of the best yet; supporting the UK BMX scene and giving something back to its community. Even the legend Mat Hoffman made an appearance. We had a sneaky peak of the edits this week and they are looking amazing! Look out for the free DVD in the next issue.

There has been the Brighton ain’t Ready project, which welcomed a host of international riders that I never thought I would get the chance to work so closely with, even living with them for their stay. It’s personally been one of the best projects I have worked on and you will be able to catch our coverage of it in an upcoming issue.

Then we have the quartermaster in Wales, with Bas Keep introducing a honorable list of riders such as Ruben, Dugan, Wade, Sergio, Hucker and more. We have been running a competition for some lucky readers to go and witness it in person!

There has been the demolition/volume/markit UK tour and Proper ‘between day tour’ both happening at the same time, and we know these will never disappoint.

The House of Vans opened up london, offering London’s only indoor skatepark.

The vent series has been touring to find out who might be our next generation of vent riders.

And if all that wasn’t enough, rider UK has a new version of the Warehouse Project happening again soon. The last one set a benchmark but with the teams that we have lined up for this year, we just know it’s going to be a belter. Watch this space.

So, this is just a selection of some of the amazing projects the UK has been offering up this year. We sometimes get complaints that nothing ever happens over here, and that you have to travel abroad to get anything decent. Well, I hope this changes your views to what’s right here on your doorstep. Make sure you see Ride UK to keep you in the loop, because there is more than enough stuff happening, you just have to look.

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Written By Eisa Bakos